What We Believe

1.  The most important thing is customer satisfaction.

We believe that by focusing all of our efforts on making sure the customer is satisfied with the service they are getting that everybody wins.  We go out of our way to satisfy our customers by providing sound, time-tested advice and tools to help every single customer make the career move that is right for them.  This means not only understanding their unique career objectives, but helping deliver on those objectives with the latest technology to reach them wherever they are.

2.  One size does not fit all.

We realize that people come in all shapes and sizes.  And so do careers.  Some people want the tools to “climb the corporate ladder”, while others need to learn how to thrive in an agency setting or as an entrepreneur.  CCC Academy is built around the idea coaching should be designed for the unique experiences of our customers.  For this reason, we specifically established a multitude of courses that many customers face.  Whether you need to specifically prepare to interview for a new job, need a new resume, or need help deciding on a career trajectory, we have a solution.  Others need more time to explore highly specific situations with their career, and to answer this need we created a personally tailored coaching monthly coaching subscription

3.  Coaches should be experts first.

We believe that coaches should be experts in their field and have not only spent time “in the trenches”, but have outstanding success in the area they are coaching.  The best person to provide sound career advice is someone who has been through it themselves.  That’s why our coaches are handpicked for their demonstrated success in their field, and are then matched with customers who desire to grow in the area in which their coach excels.

4.  Everyone has a different pace.

We realize that everyone has a unique timeline for which they desire to work on their coaching goals.  Some people need to interview right away and need prep time with a coach immediately.  Others are looking to develop and modify their career trajectory over time on an ongoing and extended basis.  We do our best to provide the structure around your deadlines.  For this reason, meetings with coaches can be scheduled for when you have free time to work on them.

5.  Privacy is paramount.

The nature of coaching is personal and professional.  We go out of our way to make sure that the information you share with your coach kept in the strictest confidence.  Any information that you provide to us, stays with us.  We will never sell your personal information to another organization.