Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

We are a unique career coaching company in that we specialize in helping individuals by providing them with coaches who have actual experience and success in the area you need help with.  We do not hire generic one-size-fits-all coaches, but hand-pick coaches who are experts in particular areas.  If you’re in the field of corporate communications, you will be matched with a coach who has lived experience in that field as well.

Can coaching really help me?

Absolutely.  But don’t take our word for it.  It was once said by the iconic Jim Rohn that “we are the average of the five people we spend the most time with”.

Experience has shown time and again, that this is absolutely true.  By hiring a coach, you are not just getting help with the area of your career that you need in the short term.  You are connecting with someone who has had proven success in the industry you are in, and who has your best interests in mind.

Imagine if every one of the 5 closest people to you were able to not just help you navigate your career, but also help you make more money and find work that is truly meaningful for you.  That would be one powerful, uplifting, and rewarding group.

By hiring a coach, you are essentially adding one more positive influence in your life who has had success in their career and wants you to be successful too.

Of course, if all you want is a new resume, or help interviewing, that’s great!  Your coaching experience can be as personal or supportive as you want it to be!

How do you measure success?

Our definition of success is based on real-world, concrete results.  When customers ace their interview and are offered a job because they were adequately prepared as a result of their coaching experience we consider that pretty successful!  But that’s not all we look at.  An increased salary as a result of improved negotiation skills, and better job performance is a pretty good indicator as well.  Finally, customer satisfaction is extremely important to us.  If you are happier with your work, more fulfilled, and better able to manage the challenges of your career, we consider those a pretty good indication that your coaching experience is a successful one.

Can you help me find employment?

We can even do better than that.  Unlike other coaching companies that simply offer you advice and send you on your way, at CCC Academy, we give you the option of being included into our recruiting database, CCi Search.  While you are free to find work on your own, by being entered into our database you will be considered by a considerable number of employers who depend on us to find them quality talent.  CCi Search is based off of 20 years experience recruiting and placing talent at all levels of their career.

What is your most popular service?

We offer three main ways to help customers: Courses, Coaching, and a Club.


Courses are very popular because they help customers focus on very targeted issues.  Many people need to prepare for a job, but they also need a professional resume done that will move them to the top of the pile.  We have a course specifically for that goal called Resume Overhaul.  Resume Overhaul is our single most popular course.

Our coaches help customers fine-tune their resumes by incorporating the results of an official strengths assessment.  The method we use to format our resumes is also based off of 20 years experience placing talent.  Many employers have become familiar with our formatting over the years, as it provides an excellent way of really showcasing your experience and abilities.

The second most popular course is Ace the Interview.  Like Resume Overhaul, as with most of our courses, we offer an official strengths assessment that gives customers a deeper understanding of and ability to talk about their strengths.


The most popular coaching service is the Platinum Coaching Subscription.  It provides the most meaningful coaching experience with 120 minutes of coaching per month and is also currently available at a 10% savings compared to the cost of the Silver Coaching Subscription.  The coaching service is most popular with individuals who feel their coaching needs are not better met with our current course selection.


The Club offers members access to our insiders career magazine, and access to exclusive career events in the United States and Canada.  It is popular among those who are committed to a complete career coaching experience.