What is your most popular service?

We offer three main ways to help customers: Courses, Coaching, and a Club.


Courses are very popular because they help customers focus on very targeted issues.  Many people need to prepare for a job, but they also need a professional resume done that will move them to the top of the pile.  We have a course specifically for that goal called Resume Overhaul.  Resume Overhaul is our single most popular course.

Our coaches help customers fine-tune their resumes by incorporating the results of an official strengths assessment.  The method we use to format our resumes is also based off of 20 years experience placing talent.  Many employers have become familiar with our formatting over the years, as it provides an excellent way of really showcasing your experience and abilities.

The second most popular course is Ace the Interview.  Like Resume Overhaul, as with most of our courses, we offer an official strengths assessment that gives customers a deeper understanding of and ability to talk about their strengths.


The most popular coaching service is the Platinum Coaching Subscription.  It provides the most meaningful coaching experience with 120 minutes of coaching per month and is also currently available at a 10% savings compared to the cost of the Silver Coaching Subscription.  The coaching service is most popular with individuals who feel their coaching needs are not better met with our current course selection.


The Club offers members access to our insiders career magazine, and access to exclusive career events in the United States and Canada.  It is popular among those who are committed to a complete career coaching experience.